Special educator– It will be very important that your students have access to the same texts as their peers and using a program that reads text aloud and, ideally, highlights the text as they read along. On the flip side, so to speak, for writing, text-to-speech software/apps is particularly important for them as well.

Remedial counselling– Those treatments won’t directly help with dyslexia. But when kids get help with their other challenges, they can get the most out of the instruction they’re getting for reading difficulties. And therapy helps some kids feel more confident in talking about having dyslexia or in being comfortable using accommodations

Clinical psychologist(testing)- Reading. Comprehensive Test of Phonological Processing, Second Edition (CTOPP-2): This test measures phonological abilities and processing skills using three indicators: the Phonological Awareness Quotient (PAQ), the Phonological Memory Quotient (PMQ) and the Rapid Naming Quotient (RNQ).

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